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Soccer Startup

- soccer livescores
- soccer fixtures +7day
- soccer events

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Major 3 sports

- soccer livescores
- basketball livescores
- tennis livescores

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All Sports Pack

- 11 sports package including soccer,
basket, tennis, hockey, rugby union,

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Sport Teams Website Development

Include Hosting

Website setup

Team live & stats


Special offer for sport clubs includes development of website, hosting, live results for your team and league, statistics and everything is build inside our company own WCMS system and includes easy administration of website. For first year you have no monthly costs for hosting and data updating. MORE INFO

Special offer for Startups & Developers

Is your company startup and looking for sport data for your project or you are developer developing products that include sport data for your client? We are offering you 85% discount on price for starting 3 months in case we sign up contract for at least 12 months. Click here to get more info about special offer we prepre for you.