Hosted liveticker responsive iframe solution

Who should consider Hosted liveticker responsive iframe solution

This is solution for those who already has their own website and would like to see that sport data livescores would be part of data that they want to serve to their visitors. When compared to Hosted livescores liveticker solution this solution includes assistance with iframe setting up in way that liveticker (iframe) become responsive on your website and looks as natual as possible.

What Hosted livescores responsive iframe includes

With hosted liveticker livescores solution we will build liveticker that will match your website and will assist you in integrating this liveticker (iframe) on your website so it become responsive and look as natual as possible. Liveticker is hosted on our servers so all updates related to scores data are on our end.


I need following data

Livescores | Season fixtures | Standings | Odds | Event infos | op scorers | Team Statistics | eague Statistics | H2H stats

Sport I need

Soccer | Basketball | Tennis | Hockey | Handball | Volleball | Cricket | Baseball | Am. football | Futsal | Rugby


How soon you would need data

Now | 1 week time | 1 month time | longer period

Data type you prefer

XML | JSON | TXT | RSS | Other (pls. describe below)

Special offer for Startups & Developers

Is your company startup and looking for sport data for your project or you are developer developing products that include sport data for your client? We are offering you 85% discount on price for starting 3 months in case we sign up contract for at least 12 months. Click here to get more info about special offer we prepre for you.